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January 1st, 2010

Bye 2009


...and the year ended with a ton of bass and wobbleheads who didn't want to leave the club despite the fuckoff lights

December 31st, 2009

December 30th, 2009

(no subject)

I'm too busy to blog or catalog life in peace! The past month had been just a mad swoosh doosh foosh of everything!

Here's what happened in lazy point forms

1) I adopted a year old cat. She looked like a teenage version of Jon's now dead cat (Smidge died after slipping into a huge canal. She was 11 years old and lived well). The adopted child has a weird temper (hissing and meowing for attention at the same time!), is super sensitive to sounds and likes to roll around on the floor messing up her nice soft fur. Her constant dodgy looks are a tad worrying.

2) We went hunting for an apartment. The process is strangely fun...was really expecting alot more stress and "couple arguments" over aesthetics and expectations but its really all good. Let's hope we find one at a bargain.

3) Add me here if you are on soundcloud
3 tracks up there with the 4th being mixed down this weekend. I think after the 5th track, I'll shall attempt a solo flight. Yups, that's what I've been doing for the past month.

4) SYNDICATE WEBSITE is finally ready with all that spiffy photo shoot and us pretending to be serious music people. Am working the database for guestlist today and helping out with visual ideas for the rest of the week, so amped that we will be using double projectors and creating a visual wall. In between, I gotto pull together a dancey set for 9th of Jan. The evil mixes from Kiat & Darren Dubwise have set the bar high. Need to find more quality tunes!

5) With the apartment bank loan lined up and a good annual review, I guess I'll be staying on in my current day job. Just need to remember that it does not define who I am and figure a way to distance and manage the stress.

and oh crap LJ, why are you stopping me from posting up pictures with your insert image bug!

November 17th, 2009



Black Sabbath -Can't Get Close Enough (Instrumental)
Black Sabbath - The Illusion of Power (Instrumental)

I took to listening to Black Sabbath for the first time, the instrumental versions and was expecting angry rage music which would perhaps mellow out my pissy mood... but they actually sound rather uplifting and almost relaxing. Am still grumpy but at least now I got some new music to air guitar to.

November 6th, 2009

The good old drum&bass days


The only time I'll be OK with being a hairy giant gorilla. Dug out this old drum & bass flyer from the past.

Comedian of the month


This guy is brillant at everyday parodies. Really clever music videos taking the piss out of popular culture

Jon Lajoie, you are my comedian of the month!

Radio Friendly song

Everyday Normal People Crew

WTF Collective

High as fuck

Rapist glasses

November 1st, 2009

Oh Noir.

Spent the hot and humid late afternoon pulling out old 45s and forgotten wax. Amanda Palmer @ Stereolounge tonight.Pixiedub has invited me to crash her set after. We will be dropping tunes as the celebrity couple (Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman) delight their fans with autographs and lovely looks at each other.

The dig began with noir-like sounds but got distracted to 70s porn music and a feminist-comedy-record which says BEAT YOUR BREAST on the cover…not sure if I can get away playing songs about tits and boobs-bashing in the classy bar.
That said, am hoping the vibe will be laidback and I can drop some old Avalanches’ tunes and that lovely snippet from James Bond’s From Russia With Love.


October 26th, 2009

Went swimming today. No, forced myself to swim today. It's bizzare what your head can tell you when the body does not want to exercise. The pool was quiet at night. An old couple sat in the middle pool having some sort of water picnic. Well, they had some beers and basket like thing in front of them with a pack that looks suspiciously like Doritos...muthafuckers better not taint the pool.

I had the weird feeling. You know when you think someone is around but there's really nobody. After the first few laps, I was convinced that there were "others" in the water, the shadows were being eerie instead of its usual calm and there was this uncomfortable weird feeling of someone looking at me underwater..."they'll be wanting to pull my legs next!" I panicked slightly and swam to the side. Childhood memories of nearly being drowned and b-grade chinese horror ghost movie scenes began to float David Lynch style in my head. My mother used to tell me that the souls of children who drowned stayed underwater, waiting to cling on to the legs of those who are alive, holding them down so that they themselves can be reincarnated. Totally ridiculous to people of science but what the heck, it's a fucking scary story when you are 10.

In the end, I had to conjure up images of dancing hokkien prawn mee around my head, and focused on getting rid of the dinner calories and finished 10 laps.

October 25th, 2009

Tweet Wars x Pirates

Yesterday marked the day I was MOST ACTIVE on twitter. 18 tweets apparently.

I RT the remark made by RafiDean to KURTCTDK about how KURTCTDK should respect copyright laws and not sell music made on pirated software. It spun off a series of tweets from various people on their stands on illegal downloads as covered below

1) It's not OK at all. You use, you pay
2) It's OK if you are not making a living off it i.e. bedroom use is ok
3) You can't comment on others using illegal software if you download movies/music
4) If you do it, at least keep quiet about it instead of tweeting it all over the internet
5) If you use illegal software, you have to respect the Pirate Code, give everything back free too
6) Everyone is a pirate these days so all should not be pretentious
7) In some countries, it's 150x more profitable to make money off taxing pirates than by legal means

A variety of viewpoints, some focused on the economics, some on the self, others on general morality and permission to point out others doing it...I came to the conclusion that music will eventually be free and money will be made on things which can be physically experienced such as merchandise and live events. However, if only there's a way to cut out the businessman/middlemen so that the cash truly goes back to the original maker.

What's your stand on illegal downloads?

October 16th, 2009


"Daedelus Daedelus your live mix tickles my brains and warms my music cockles. Please be at RBMA when I'm there"

I'm sitting in the lounge listening to Brainfeeder's podcast for Mary Anne Hobbes and Flying Lotus, winding down after a long busy week. Busy but I felt like I had seriously grown two inches taller purely due to good spirits. I applied for the first time to the Red Bull Music Academy a couple of months ago. The chance of getting in (to me) was like buying lottery, after all, DJs and producers all over the world were applying for that same 60 seats in London, the home of evil bass. 5 days ago, I read the email of invitation - you are officially selected for RBMA London 2010. I couldn't believe it and re-read the emails like 10 times and texted the local Red Bull Mr X to make sure. I'm in. I think I pretty much spent the rest of the week skipping instead of walking.

There's suddenly a lot to do. I need to sieve through music online and offline, pull together the meanest set ever, start the Ableton tutorials, make edits, befriend the APC40, revamp the myspace page, etc. etc.

Investigating tumblr as well, pretty neat designs and functions they have.

Oh and only just found out that Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls) are dating! I'm probably slower than the rest of the internet at the news but how awesome! And they are both coming to Singapore with Neil @ The Writers' Festival and Amanda @ Stereolounge.

Life is awesome.
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